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We Simplify Access To Specialty Therapies

VirMedica is using technology to redefine the patient access services marketplace. A connected access infrastructure powered by real-time transactions and automated workflows benefits all stakeholders engaged in helping the patient onto therapy as quickly as possible.


VirMedica’s solutions work by …


VirMedica’s core solutions are branded under the name, “eAccess”



Our secure, scalable platform is designed for maximum flexibility. We can deploy technology to enhance an existing HUB operation (internal and external) as well as provide a turnkey platform solution to operate a state of the art patient access services program.



Our Solutions


Designed for high-volume Buy and Bill brands that fall under the patient’s medical benefits eAccessMed automates the complex process steps of a benefits verification. The solution can be configured as a provider and/or patient facing portal with an integrated call center facing asset.

A patient onboarding solution designed to streamline provider workflows for specialty brands that typically require a Prior Authorization and fall under the patient’s pharmacy benefit. eAccessRx is delivered as a provider-facing portal or an integrated Call Center utility.




The company also offers a robust specialty pharmacy system called “RxVector” for manufacturers seeking to establish and operate a specialty pharmacy.