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About eAccess Provider

eAccess Provider is a revolutionary provider-facing UI containing powerful transactions and integrated workflow modules that simplify and automate patient on-boarding activities for specialty products. Capable of delivering on-demand HUB services for products covered under a medical and/or pharmacy benefit, eAccess Provider transforms how doctors use patient access services.

Instead of relying on manual phone and fax systems to communicate benefits data to various stakeholders, eAccess Provider features self-help transactions and 4 configurable workflow modules that streamline administrative processes required to get a patient onto therapy.
eAccess Provider also coordinates manual HUB services when necessary, or upon provider request. Our proprietary data transfer service, called eAccess Exchange allows bidirectional data to flow seamlessly from eAccess Provider to the HUB and other designated stakeholders.



Configuration Options

eAccess Provider offers a secure, modular, Provider-facing portal that can be customized and branded to support one or more specialty products. VMI’s solution offers 4 different configurations based on the manufacturer’s goals for patient access services.


4 Configurable Modules to automate complex patient on-boarding tasks:


Self-help Transactions

VirMedica’s suite of transactions automate many of the most complex and time intensive patient on-boarding activities for specialty products.


VMI’s Workflow Modules and Associated Transactions

Our flexible Workflow Modules and industry-leading Transactions create a transformative patient on-boarding process to advantage a brand’s overall access experience while delivering a lower cost model.


eAccess Exchange

eAccess Exchange is a data transfer protocol that allows information (eg, transactional results, case status
updates) to be shared between the Provider Portal and the HUB and/or other third parties. All eAccess
Provider deployments feature eAccess Exchange.


The ability to exchange content and share data between parties allows the eAccess Provider Portal
to serve as the front-end utility to the patient access ecosystem.