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CareMetx, LLC Acquires VirMedica Inc., the Leader in e-Access Technology Solutions

CareMetx, LLC Acquires VirMedica Inc., the Leader in e-Access Technology Solutions


September 6, 2018

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BETHESDA, MD—CareMetx, LLC, a technology-enabled hub services provider for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, today announced they have acquired VirMedica, the leader in e-access technology solutions designed to streamline patient access to life-enhancing therapies.


“With VirMedica’s market-leading transactions, we have an opportunity to leverage technology to transform the patient access landscape,” said Mark Hansan, CareMetx President and CEO.  “We look forward to further automating patient onboarding processes, providing efficiencies for our clients, and improving speed to therapy for all patients. We believe that these technologies can bring value to many stakeholders including manufacturers, payers, specialty pharmacies and hub providers.”


Gregory Morris, Chief Commercial Officer, will continue to provide leadership for VirMedica as General Manager for all market activities.  VirMedica will continue to operate out of its Boston and Shelton, CT offices.


“We are excited to combine VirMedica’s best of breed transactions with the robust technology and hub services assets of CareMetx and bring new unbundled solutions to the marketplace,” said Morris.


Beyond the complementary capabilities and technologies, Hansan cited a common theme between the two organizations that will make their union successful. Both have always made patients their priority.


“In the coming months, we will look at different ways to create synergies and leverage our resources, expertise and technology to benefit our customers,” said Hansan. “One thing that won’t change is our dedication to improving access for the patients we support.”


About CareMetx, LLC

CareMetx, LLC is a Bethesda, Maryland-based company serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device manufacturers with technology and specialty hub services to support the patient journey. CareMetx is committed to delivering compassionate care to patients and decision-making data and confidence-building insight to manufacturer-clients.


About VirMedica

VirMedica is the industry leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite patient access to life-enhancing biopharmaceutical products. VirMedica’s proprietary e-access transactions are transforming the patient access landscape for biopharmaceutical products through simplifying, automating and ultimately accelerating the processes required for patients when accessing specialty therapies.


Press Release

VirMedica’s Provider Portal Expands Functionality with Pharmacy Transactions

April 27, 2018 – Boston, MA – VirMedica (VMI), ( the leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite patient access to specialty biopharmaceutical products, today announced the addition of its pharmacy “Rx” transaction suite to the Company’s provider-facing portal. The portal, called “eAccess Provider,” automates key patient onboarding activities while supporting one or more specialty therapies and is typically sponsored by a manufacturer seeking to improve patient access outcomes while lowering overall program costs.


eAccess Provider features the industry’s most comprehensive patient onboarding transactions, workflow modules and e-services tools designed to automate manual administrative processes required to get a patient onto a specialty therapy.  Historically, users of eAccess Provider have been able to process an automated benefit investigation for therapies covered under a patient’s medical benefit.


With the addition of VMI’s Rx transactions into the Portal, users can execute a medical and/or Rx benefit investigation in a single session while working within the User Interface. VMI’s Rx transactions create real-time benefits transparency by providing instant information on the patient’s pharmacy benefits and formulary status, as well as communicating patient cost share and prior authorization requirements.


“We’re committed to using technology to transform how providers and their patients access specialty therapies,” said Gregory R. Morris, Chief Commercial Officer for VirMedica.  “By adding our Rx transactions to eAccess Provider, we’ve made it even easier for users to understand and address complex pre-treatment steps via on-demand benefits information and automated workflow tools.”


The Company pioneered the development of the automated benefit investigation (MedeBV) for therapies covered under a medical benefit.  As manufacturers have sought more efficient ways to provide access to specialized therapies, VMI’s portfolio of customers has expanded.  VMI has grown to serve over 20 unique specialty brands and is on-track to assist more than 1 million patients to access therapy over the next 12 months.


In addition to making the Rx transactions available in the portal, VMI has also enabled the transaction within its data connectivity platform, called eAccess Exchange.  This allows the eAccess Provider portal to serve as a front-end utility, whereby transaction results are shared with other partners within the manufacturer’s patient access ecosystem.


About VirMedica

VirMedica is the industry leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite the patient onboarding process for biopharmaceutical products. VirMedica’s proprietary platforms are transforming the market access landscape for biopharmaceutical products through simplifying, automating and ultimately accelerating many pre-treatment processes required of patients and their providers.


VirMedica Q & A

Please describe VirMedica’s company history

VirMedica was established in 2013 by a dynamic team of recognized healthcare leaders seeking to redefine patient access to specialty therapies through technology.

The company’s first acquisition was BioMed Intelligence and its  RxVector  specialty  pharmacy software solution. VirMedica subsequently completed a significant capital raise that led to the acquisition of TransEngen, the nation’s premier provider of automated, real-time benefits verification services, and to a capital investment in D2 Pharma Consulting – a leading consulting company with expertise in managed care, commercialization/distribution and business development capabilities. VirMedica continues to make significant investments in technology and product innovations that improve patient access.


What does VirMedica do?

In simple terms, VirMedica leverages its proprietary technology/technologies to improve patient access. Our solutions streamline pre-treatment protocols, which can often impede the patient’s path to potentially life-enhancing therapies. VirMedica’s solutions are secure, scalable and can play a specific functional role or serve as the technology backbone for several processes.


Describe what VirMedica means by being the first “eAccess” company.

As the industry’s first “e-Access” organization, VirMedica’s has approached the business of supporting patient access from a technology perspective that is agnostic to a specific labor force. Our technology automates workflows to streamline access, digitizes content to reduce dependency on paper and manual processes (phone/fax) and provides long-term cost savings as labor costs are reduced.


What types of technology solutions does VirMedica offer?

VirMedica offers a variety of solutions to automate typical service HUB processes, simplify provider workflows and remove various barriers to product access. Under our e-access platform, VirMedica delivers customized solutions in two broad categories:

  • eAccessMed: Designed for high-volume Buy and Bill brands that fall under the patient’s medical benefits. eAccessMed automates the complex process steps of a benefits verification. The solution can be configured as a Provider and/or Patient facing portal with an integrated call center facing asset.
  • eAccessRx: An enterprise solution supporting the patient on-boarding process for therapies covered under the patient’s pharmacy benefits; these solutions offer a customized, end-to-end user experience while automating key workflows in today’s patient and product journey. eAccessRx is delivered as a Provider-facing portal or an integrated Call Center utility.

The company also offers a robust specialty pharmacy system called “RxVector” for Manufacturers seeking to establish and operate a specialty pharmacy.


How do VirMedica’s technologies improve patient access?

VirMedica’s deep understanding of provider workflows, insurance reimbursement and specialty therapies have informed our solutions and enabled us to deliver material efficiencies to the existing patient access infrastructure.

Specifically, we improve patient access by:

  • Transforming the movement of data from hardcopy documentation to standardized electronic communications
  • Automating manual process and communications across stakeholders via proprietary transaction sets
  • Delivering real-time information to transform workflows and elevate service levels

What types of companies does VirMedica work with?

Virmedica works with dozens of specialty brands to simplify their patient onboarding process. We collaborate with a manufacturer’s entire patient access ecosystem – including HUBS, payers, specialty pharmacies – to automate workflows, improve access to data and accelerate the patient’s path to therapy.

Can VirMedica work with an existing HUB and reduce overall costs for an organization?

Yes, we understand that today’s access environment requires a variety of partners, suppliers and vendors working on behalf of providers and patients. Our technology was created to complement and enhance current HUB processes. For example, VirMedica’s API can be used to imbed our proprietary transaction sets into an existing HUB’s enterprise software or Portal(s).

Labor-intensive tasks, such as annual benefit re-verifications, can be automated to save time and money while delivering a better customer service experience. Once in place, our ability to automate workflows creates substantial efficiencies and resulting cost savings.

Can VirMedica’s technologies be customized to meet a brand’s unique needs?

Yes, our solutions can be customized. During each engagement, our account management and development teams work side by side the customer’s brand access leadership to define a scope of work. Each scope of work clearly defines how our technology will be configured and delivered to meet each brands’ unique requirements.

This may include tasks, such as defining which aspects of the patient and/or product journey will be affected by our solution (e.g., activities such as initiating a service request; capturing patient consent; conducting a benefits investigation; meeting payer requirements such as prior authorization and product access.)

How do I start a conversation between VirMedica and my organization?

We would be delighted/welcome the opportunity to hear from you to discuss how our technology may potentially improve your patient access program(s). To begin a dialogue, please reach out to us at

How do I apply for a job with VirMedica?

VirMedica is growing and we are always interested in hearing from qualified candidates, including programmers, project managers and other healthcare IT professionals, who share our passion for improving patient access via technology. For a full listing of current job openings, please visit our “Open Positions” in Contact Us/Careers.

Events & Presentations

Adjusting Access Services to Manage Changes in Buy and Bill

February 23-24th, 2016 in Philadelphia.

1.  Today’s Buy and Bill Landscape
–  Distribution and Access Model

–  Access and Support Services
–  Challenges Confronting Buy and Bill

2.  Market Dynamics
–  Provider Reactions
–  Impact on Services

3.  Supporting Referral Models
–  Features
–  Capabilities
–  Technology

4.  Questions and Discussion


Launch PDF

Press Release

 John H. Johnson appointed as Executive Chairman of the Board

November 9, 2015 – Philadelphia, Pa. – VirMedica, the leader in providing e-access technology solutions, announced the appointment of John H. Johnson as executive chairman.

John H. Johnson is a recognized leader in the biopharmaceutical industry with more than 30 years of experience at leading global organizations, including Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly & Company, ImClone and Pfizer, Inc. He currently serves as chairman of Strongbridge Biopharma plc, and as a member of the board of directors of Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Histogenics Corporation, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He previously served as a member of the board of directors of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the Health Section Governing Board of Biotechnology Industry Organizations (BIO), and BioNJ.
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Press Release

VirMedica Makes Capital Investment in D2 Pharma Consulting

February 19, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA – VirMedica, a leading provider of technology solutions designed to optimize the commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical products, announced today that it has made a significant capital investment in D2 Pharma Consulting, LLC (“D2”). D2 is an independent consulting firm offering a broad range of commercialization services for manufacturers and service providers in the life sciences industry.

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Press Release

VirMedica Continues to Expand Capabilities through Acquiring Assets of TransEngen, Inc.

February 19, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA. – VirMedica, a leading provider of technology solutions designed to optimize the commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical products, announced today that VirMedica, Inc. (“VirMedica”) has acquired the assets of TransEngen, Inc.

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