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Using Technology to Improve the Patient Access Ecosystem

As the industry’s first e-access company, we are committed to using technology to transform patient access to specialty therapies. First and foremost, our solutions benefit patients and providers. With technology designed to simplify common pre-treatment steps, patients get onto therapy sooner. Providers are empowered to complete administrative tasks efficiently with our online resources and tools.

Using our e-access platform, workflows are automated, data is shared electronically and the entire patient access ecosystem is connected, aligned and working in harmony to get the right patient on the right therapy at the right time.


  • We offer a complementary extension to your service platform
  • We offer robust self service options to the provider along with case status updates
  • We make back-office call center functions more efficient by automating business processes


  • We enable real-time benefit and medical policy transparency for the provider
  • We streamline your pre-access requirements (e.g. Prior Authorization)
  • We serve as an extension of your patient adherence protocols
  • We improve operational efficiencies by reducing the need for providers to engage in manual outreach (e.g. phone calls) to understand your access requirements
  • We serve as a vehicle to improve your collaboration efforts with manufacturers on patient access
  • We can create an awareness of mandated specialty pharmacies


Specialty Pharmacies:

  • We enable a provider to deliver a prospective PA along with the script
  • We provide a gateway to move critical benefits and product data to and from providers to mitigate common administrative delays
  • We can streamline workflows and status updates between providers and specialty pharmacies
  • We can create provider awareness and simplify workflows when your organization is part of a manufacturer’s limited network



  • We leverage technology to differentiate your brand(s) experience
  • We deliver more control over data and processes
  • We automate workflows and elevate customer service while simultaneously lowering your patient access cost structure and improving scalability
  • We connect all parties in your access ecosystem thereby improving collaboration, data sharing and workflows

What People Say

“For the last several years, we’ve partnered with
VirMedica to empower our providers to instantly check
their patients’ benefits using a customized portal. This
solution has had a very positive impact on our

Top 10 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
(Long-standing Customer)