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VirMedica’s Provider Portal Expands Functionality with Pharmacy Transactions

April 27, 2018 – Boston, MA – VirMedica (VMI), ( the leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite patient access to specialty biopharmaceutical products, today announced the addition of its pharmacy “Rx” transaction suite to the Company’s provider-facing portal. The portal, called “eAccess Provider,” automates key patient onboarding activities while supporting one or more specialty therapies and is typically sponsored by a manufacturer seeking to improve patient access outcomes while lowering overall program costs.


eAccess Provider features the industry’s most comprehensive patient onboarding transactions, workflow modules and e-services tools designed to automate manual administrative processes required to get a patient onto a specialty therapy.  Historically, users of eAccess Provider have been able to process an automated benefit investigation for therapies covered under a patient’s medical benefit.


With the addition of VMI’s Rx transactions into the Portal, users can execute a medical and/or Rx benefit investigation in a single session while working within the User Interface. VMI’s Rx transactions create real-time benefits transparency by providing instant information on the patient’s pharmacy benefits and formulary status, as well as communicating patient cost share and prior authorization requirements.


“We’re committed to using technology to transform how providers and their patients access specialty therapies,” said Gregory R. Morris, Chief Commercial Officer for VirMedica.  “By adding our Rx transactions to eAccess Provider, we’ve made it even easier for users to understand and address complex pre-treatment steps via on-demand benefits information and automated workflow tools.”


The Company pioneered the development of the automated benefit investigation (MedeBV) for therapies covered under a medical benefit.  As manufacturers have sought more efficient ways to provide access to specialized therapies, VMI’s portfolio of customers has expanded.  VMI has grown to serve over 20 unique specialty brands and is on-track to assist more than 1 million patients to access therapy over the next 12 months.


In addition to making the Rx transactions available in the portal, VMI has also enabled the transaction within its data connectivity platform, called eAccess Exchange.  This allows the eAccess Provider portal to serve as a front-end utility, whereby transaction results are shared with other partners within the manufacturer’s patient access ecosystem.


About VirMedica

VirMedica is the industry leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite the patient onboarding process for biopharmaceutical products. VirMedica’s proprietary platforms are transforming the market access landscape for biopharmaceutical products through simplifying, automating and ultimately accelerating many pre-treatment processes required of patients and their providers.