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VirMedica Announces Launch of eAccessRx to Help Automate and Simplify Provider Workflows for Biopharmaceutical Products

May 2, 2016 – Philadelphia, Pa. – VirMedica, the leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite patient access to biopharmaceutical products, today announced the launch of eAccessRx, a patient onboarding solution designed to streamline provider workflows for treatments that typically require a Prior Authorization and are covered under a patient’s pharmacy benefit. eAccessRx adds to VirMedica’s growing portfolio of proprietary technology solutions, branded under the name eAccess, which help simplify and automate the steps necessary for patients and their providers to initiate and adhere to treatment.

“The addition of eAccessRx to VirMedica’s solutions portfolio represents another significant milestone in our pursuit to help patients and their physicians simplify and accelerate the pathway to life-enhancing treatments. By automating cumbersome workflows and delivering real-time benefit and formulary information, providers can now complete pre-treatment steps and address payer requirements in minutes instead of days,” said Philip Lee, president and chief executive officer of VirMedica. “The launch of eAccessRx is further evidence of our commitment to providing proprietary technologies that fundamentally transform the way that patients access treatment.”

eAccessRx offers providers the ability to easily navigate benefits investigations, comply with Prior Authorization requirements, complete manufacturer enrollment forms and track prescription progress. The solution is highly adaptable, scalable and secure, and can be delivered as either a provider portal or as a Hub call center utility as follows:

• eAccessRx Provider is a patient onboarding solution designed to streamline access workflows and help the provider determine which specialty pharmacy is authorized to fill a prescription. Case status updates are also delivered back to the provider and convenient e-tools are available to capture patient consent and manufacturer enrollment forms.

• eAccessRx Transact is a HUB call center utility that provides instant access to VirMedica’s proprietary electronic benefit investigation and electronic Prior Authorization capabilities.

“The complexity and diversity of the U.S. healthcare system can be challenging for patients and providers. VirMedica’s eAccessRx technology helps manufacturers create a better customer experience, one that ensures a patient has access to services and potentially life-enhancing treatments quickly and efficiently,” said Gregory R. Morris, chief commercial officer of VirMedica. “The industry is moving away from manual legacy processes and embracing new e-access technologies that streamline workflows, lower administrative costs and improve overall patient access outcomes. We are excited to be a leader in transforming the patient access marketplace.”

About VirMedica
VirMedica is the industry leader in providing e-access technology solutions designed to expedite the patient onboarding process for biopharmaceutical products. VirMedica’s proprietary platforms are transforming the market access landscape for biopharmaceutical products through simplifying, automating and ultimately accelerating many pre-treatment processes required of patients and their providers. For more information about VirMedica and its portfolio of proprietary e-access technology solutions, please visit: